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Dental cleanings in Baltimore

Dental cleanings and periodontal cleanings are different only based on degrees. Both are meant to clean out plaque and tartar, and restore your gums to optimal health. At Spectrum Dental, our Baltimore best dentist is expert at performing both types of cleanings.

There are two basic stages of gum disease. Dental cleanings can prevent gum disease entirely, and they’re also useful for reversing the effects of the early stage of it, or what is commonly known as gingivitis. Plaque and tartar lead to irritation and redness, which may or may not be noticeable. It’s not uncommon for gingivitis to be detected during your twice-yearly oral examination by our Baltimore best dentist, and yet come as a surprise. With plaque and tartar buildup eliminated, your gums steadily return to their normal pink, vibrant state. It’s when gum disease reaches the advanced stage of periodontitis that a periodontal cleaning is in order. By then, inflammation or even infection have taken hold, with the outcome often being symptoms like receding gums, bleeding while brushing your teeth, and persistent bad breath. Gum and bone tissue may erode, and that can cause your teeth to become loose. When periodontitis is diagnosed, our Baltimore best dentist will perform a deeper periodontal cleaning, which involves getting down to your roots, where plaque and tartar have become embedded. At that point, the treatment is crucial, because much more is at stake. If successful, your gums will gradually be restored to wellness. In the worst cases, it may be necessary to resort to gum surgery, but our goal is to avoid that.

It’s a good idea to contact our office right now, while it’s on your mind. Schedule a visit for a dental cleaning, which when done in a timely manner, will make the need for a periodontal cleaning less likely to occur.

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