Baltimore urgent dentist

Baltimore Urgent Dentist

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Emergency Dental Appointments in Baltimore

Baltimore urgent dentist
Baltimore urgent dentist

You’ll need the attention of our Baltimore urgent dentist when you suffer dental trauma, such as a tooth that has been dislodged from its socket or one that has come completely detached (avulsed). Here at Spectrum Dental, we’re here for you when you need emergency dental appointments, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Typically, a tooth becomes loose from the socket when you sustain an injury or suffer from the effects of an accident. In such cases, it is easy and understandable to fall into panic mode. For this reason, we suggest that you keep our number programmed in your phones. The goal is to waste no time in having you seen by our Baltimore urgent dentist, because the clock begins ticking down at the precise moment that the dental trauma occurs. The sooner that you can get the proper care, the better the odds are that the tooth can be successfully saved. In order to make the chances even better, for a dislodged tooth, gently push it back into the socket if possible. And for an avulsed tooth, you will need to keep it moist since it is no longer being kept so by your mouth. The two best agents are either milk or warm water with salt. Our Baltimore urgent dentist will do an evaluation of the tooth and socket to determine the most appropriate action to take. If the tooth is only dislodged, it’s possible that it will only need to be re-aligned into the socket and held in with orthodontic wire or a plastic splint as it heals. When pulp damage has occurred, which is nearly always the case with avulsed teeth, the solution is root canal treatment.

Unfortunately, not every case of dental trauma will result in the tooth being rescued, but many can. Contact us right away to improve the likelihood.

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