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Teeth cleanings with your general dentist are absolutely crucial to having a healthy smile. With low-cost and affordable dental examinations and cleanings at Spectrum Dental in North Baltimore, you’ll receive advanced dental care with a gentle touch. After a visit to North Baltimore dentist, Dr. Collier, you’ll leave our dental office with a healthy and plaque-free smile!

You should schedule a dental exam and cleaning with Dr. Collier at Spectrum Dental every six months. These preventive cleanings will help prevent excessive plaque buildup, which can lead to gum disease and tooth loss if left untreated. A dental cleaning with our dental hygienists will remove this bacteria-filled plaque. You’ll be surprised how white your smile will look after a dental cleaning with Dr. Collier in North Baltimore!

During a dental cleaning at Spectrum Dental located in North Baltimore, you can expect to have a gum disease screening, a dental exam to diagnose cavities and other evidence of tooth decay, a soft tissue exam and oral cancer screening, preventive cleaning and teeth polishing, and dental x-rays for diagnostic purposes. Also during your dental cleaning, our North Baltimore general dentist may give you tips on better flossing and brushing techniques so that your teeth stay clean and healthy between visit to our dental clinic.

Occasionally, Dr. Collier may suggest to patients with excessive plaque buildup that they receive a deep teeth cleaning. A deep teeth cleaning include scaling, root planing and polishing. Come into Spectrum Dental today to see if you’d benefit from a deep teeth cleaning at our North Baltimore dental practice.

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