Pediatric dentist in Baltimore

Pediatric Dentist in Baltimore

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Treating pediatric cavities in Baltimore

Pediatric dentist in Baltimore
Pediatric dentist in Baltimore

Are you looking for an excellent dental practice that will not only provide excellent care for you but for your children as well? If so, you will definitely want to come and visit us at our dental practice, Spectrum Dental. At our dental practice we work with patients of all ages, and especially enjoy working with children. This is because our pediatric dentist knows that they will have a tremendous impact on the way children view dental care for their lifetime. For this reason, we are especially careful to always make sure that children have a relaxed and fun time at our office. At the same time, we are able to provide children with treatments that will reduce the number of kids dental cavities. If you would like to see our pediatric dentist in Baltimore, make an appointment at our dental practice today.

At Spectrum Dental we have two expert dentists on staff. They are Dr. Tamara Dulan and Dr. Katherine Grant Collier. When children come to our dental practice we make sure that they are also learning about proper dental hygiene. Due to the fact that kid’s teeth often have grooves that hold plaque and tartar, and that children like to eat a lot of sweets, children can get a lot of cavities. For this reason, we offer two different types of treatments for our children’s teeth. Fluoride treatments are very helpful in strengthening a child’s tooth enamel. When the child’s tooth enamel is stronger it becomes much more difficult for cavity-producing materials to create holes in the enamel, thus producing a cavity. Our pediatric dentist in Baltimore also offers dental sealants for children which are literally painted onto the child’s back molars after the teeth are thoroughly cleaned and dried. These dental sealants serve as an actual barrier between molar surfaces and the harmful substances they may encounter. By keeping plaque and bacteria physically away from, teeth dental sealants act as a barrier against cavity formation.

It is generally recommended that children come in to see their pediatric dentist for their first dental visit when they reach one year of age or when their first baby tooth erupts – whichever happens first. Baby teeth play many important functions in the child’s mouth and should be kept healthy to stay in the child’s mouth for as long as needed. Baby teeth are placeholders for permanent teeth and also help a child develop clear speaking habits. If you want your child to see our pediatric dentist in Baltimore, contact us today.

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